Green Enchilada Sauce (Barbi Maez' recipe)

While this is called green enchilada sauce, I think of it more as enchilada gravy.  This is similar to what my mom made when I was growing up.  I highly recommend it.  Barbi recommends making it in large quantities since it has multiple uses. 
Sadly this was the largest jar of chiles I had.  I would have added more if I could. 


  • 2 large cans of cream of mushroom soup 
  • 1 large can of cream of chicken soup
    (you can flip it to 1 mushroom to 2 chicken if you'd like)  
  • 1 can of half-n-half or milk
    (divided between the two cans so that you can get all the extra soup out) 
  • Chopped green chiles 
  • Garlic powder (optional) 


Add the green chile to a stock pan first and cook without oil.  Pour the soups and the half-n-half into the pot and cook to heat through. 


Buy a tail gate pan of Raising Cane's chicken. Take out the cardboard piece that is on the bottom of the pan. Top with green enchilada sauce and shredded Mexican blend cheese and bake at 350 degrees F. Serve the chicken on a bed of rice.  You can use the leftover chicken to make tacos. 

Other uses for the enchilada sauce

  • Dip for chips 
  • Smother on rolled tacos 
  • And of course to make green enchiladas