Where the Ropes Are

"Maybe we feel inadequate to receive our own spiritual revelation. Maybe we even look to the prophets to save us."  Almost 9 years ago I was sitting in the Marriott Center during BYU Education Week when an apostle said something that gave me chills. I knew I was hearing a message that God wanted me to hear. This message has had a significant impact on my life.  Before I share with you what he said, I want to talk about a place in the scriptures we rarely talk about, if ever at all. I think the reason why we don’t talk about it is because it’s actually blank.  It’s the space between the Old Testament and New Testament. Despite how close Malachi and Matthew are physically in the Bible, the Intertestamental Period was actually over 400 years.  This was a time when the Jews had no living prophets. They also came under Greek rule who destroyed their temple. The Maccabeans overcame this oppression and the Jews began to rebuild the temple. Then eventually they came under Roman rule

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