Can We Be Friends? My First Death Threat Part 2

So last week I received my first death threat posing as a mail order bride from Bora Bora.

To read about email exchange with Ijebu Ayo click here.  

Apparently I have found the way to remove a death threat.  Call their bluff.

I had said,

"That would be great if you could kill me in 20 hours. What do you look like so I know it's you?"

 Well later, I got an email from Ijebu asking if we could be friends.  I asked why.

"Because I begin to like your courage"

It's easy to be courageous when you aren't real.  I said,

"Either that or you just want my money."

Usually when I let them know I think they are scammer they disappear.  But now it's time for me to admire her courage.

"We can be friends" 

Oh really scammer?  How kind of you!  So I decided to take her up on her offer.  And what do friends do?  Lunch, of course!

"Okay. Let's be friends. Want to meet for lunch?"
I thought this would definitely call her bluff.  But nope.  She said,

I wish we could but we are distance from each other 

Oh but dear Ijebu, nothing is impossible when you are fake.  I said,

"Since I don't have a husband, I can fly to wherever you are."

Remember, I'm a mail order bride stuck at an airport with no husband.  (I'm hoping she doesn't remember that I told her that I don't have 40 bucks.  She forgot.)

"Okay I will be waiting for you my friend"
Ummm.... hello!  Where do you live????  She finally tells me she's in Ghana.  Which is perfect because I've actually been to Ghana.  For reals.

Visiting an orphanage in Ghana in 2009   

 I remember that we had eaten a great pizza place in Accra that also had an Internet Cafe.  I suggested we meet there.

Then I checked with my former professor to see what the name of it was.  It's no longer there, shoot!
I asked if we could meet at the KFC in Osu.  I asked her if she liked KFC, she said she does.

So I have a lunch date this Monday at a KFC in Ghana.

Stay tuned....