July 6 - Sunday

I'm finding that I really look forward to Sundays.  At home they feel more like a day of exhaustion rather than rejuvenation, maybe that's because I work in the Nursery.  Ha! Ha!

Today at church I got to meet two BYU students who are here doing humanitarian work, visiting the shut-ins.  They are two really great guys, Nathan and Noah.  I hope that Nathan will be able to take my nonprofit class in the fall.

One of the members who bore his testimony is actually a gypsy who speaks Italian.  He and his wife had 8 children.  The ward has really embraced this family and the Bishop even bought him a house.  I was really touched by his sweet testimony.

A lady who is from Belgium has offered to drive me to Viesly the week the kids are going to Scout Camp and Girls' Camp.  This just seems too good to be true.  She doesn't speak English and I don't speak French, but we seem to have a real connection. I hope this is able to happen.

This evening before dinner I did some research to plan out our week.  Turns out the Tour de France is going right by our house!  Hard to believe.  Also we are going to try to go to Bruges tomorrow to see the Madonna and Child.  Looks like it is also possible to get a boat tour of Bruges which sounds wonderful.  Thankfully it's not that far by train and we'll be able to spend quite a bit of the day there.

I also looked into travelling to Paris which takes quite a bit of time on the local trains.  But I find I like my time on the trains, I get so much done.  We are hoping to see the Musee d'Orsay and go to Laduree for a macaroon.  Then we'll probably call it a day and head home.  LOL!  Paris really wears me out. Plus now that it is July, it will be extra crowded, and hot.  But it will be a good day trip for the kids and me.

I wanted to go for a walk around the Citadel tonight and then watch a movie, the kids just want to watch the movie.  Since I still have the blister on my foot, it probably is best that I forgo the walk and watch the movie.  I'll have to be sure to do some planking to get some exercise in.  This is the new way that Bradford and I are trying to get into shape.