Jane visits Versailles and the Eiffel Tower

So many wonders to behold in Paris.  The French Revolution is not a completely foreign topic for me, yet I see that its effects continue to be felt for generations.

I was able to visit a very new building, not even 200 years old.  The structure was built for the 1889 World Fair and remains to this day.  Some call it the Iron Lady but I believe its most commonly known as the Eiffel Tower.  I shall not bore you with tales of how I felt to be so high from the earth below me.

I then went to visit the Chateau of King Louis XIV.  I must admit that when I heard of his and Marie's beheading I could not find the reason within myself for such a gruesome act.  Now that I have witnessed with my own eyes what the tax monies paid for, I can see more clearly why the Revolution happened in such a dramatic way.  I still cannot bear the tragedy of it all.

After walking through the crowded hallways of the Palace, I went quite a ways away to a neighboring city that goes by the name of Le Chesnay.  I stopped at a horrible looking piece of property.  Many objects I could not identify, but they looked like rusty tubes.  I also so iron pieces go way into the sky.  Others called them cranes, but looked nothing like a bird to me.  I was informed that this was the place of a new building to built.  I cannot understand why a place so rich in history would need a new building.