My Son's Solution to School Transportation Problems

Written in March 2010

This was a paper my son wrote for a class assignment. I've tried to keep it as true to his writing as possible.

How do you like walking? A lot? A little? Both? How much? 

I don't like walking because I walk up hill all day. Some people like walking or take rides from the bus, dads, moms, etc. I think it will be fun get there early. Some people might think it will be waste of money and time but I think it will not be a waste of money and time because it will be not much walking, easy to go and back from school and no bumpy cars, bus, and walking.

I f we had a school tube we will not walk much or waste gas. Walking up hill will make your legs tired sometimes. Down hill is easy, but after school you have to go up hill. You will not drive to school or walk or take a bus. If we had a school tube it will be easy to go to school and back to your house. It would only take 9 seconds to go to school so if you are late 16 seconds to come back if you live up hill, 5 seconds flat surfaces, 3 seconds downhill. One second if you live right by the school.

With a school tube, there will be no bumpy bus or cars on bumpy roads for walking kids. It will be in the ground so no cars will hit it or break it. Push a button to go home or school. And no time wasted to play with friends.

I think it it will be fun to have a school tube. Picture gas leaking out of a car and your house blows up. the school tube does not take gas. It allows less walking, it would be easy to go to and back from school and home, and there will be no bumpy buses, cars, or walking.