Making Sure Siblings Count

Written in September, 1999.

Christopher's 6th birthday is coming up.  The rule in our house is that whatever age you are turning that's the number of children you can invite to the party, excluding siblings.  

Living in a neighborhood with no children, it's hard to come up with that many friends to invite (all boys nonetheless).  Christopher was able to think of 5 boys to invite but couldn't think of a 6th person.  

Finally he thought of one more, "I know, I can invite my brother Bucky."  

"Oh, he doesn't count," I said.

Christopher immediately came back with, "I'll teach him how!"

That didn't make sense until a few minutes later I found Christopher teaching Bruce how to count to five.  

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He replied, "Teaching Bucky how to count so he can come to my party."