Written in 2003

Twice a year during General Conference our kids play Conference Bingo.  They sit in front of the TV with a bingo card in front of them.  As they listen to talks they try to pick out words on the bingo card.  When they get 5 squares in a row, they get a treat.

Today for Thanksgiving, I printed out some Thanksgiving Bingo cards from  Allie was so excited to play Bingo.  I told her that Christopher was going to have to do it with her, because I was busy in the kitchen.  A few minutes later my favorite Thanksgiving program came on.  It’s the concert performed by the BYU singers singing Folk Hymns and Black Gospel Music.  I went into the front room to turn it up so that I could hear it in the kitchen, when I found Allie in front of the TV watching the program.

“Wow!  I can’t believe Allie would sit and watch this program.” I thought.  As I got closer, I noticed she had her bingo card in front of her.  “Didn’t you find Christopher?” I asked.

“Mom,” she said, “I can’t tell if they have said any of these pictures yet!”