Always-On-the-Run Moms

     It seems that in our society that whenever a term or a label is used long enough it begins to have a negative connotation.  Then we change to a new label.  If you forget and use the old label, you then recieve a label yourself.  "Politically incorrect". 
     The handicapped are now called "differently abled" and short people are considered "vertically challenged". 
     Who decides when it is time to change a term?  "Mrs. Smith you have been chosen to decide what the new politically correct term will be for those who are currently known as 'men'. "
     "Hmmmmm..... how about  'X chromosome deficient'?"
     Well I've decided to take on the challenge of creating a new name for those who are currently called "Stay-at-home Moms".  Since I am one, I think I'm qualified for the job.  I can't say for sure how society views Stay-at-home Moms, but I don't think it has a clear picture of what we truly do.  If it did I would never have to answer the question, "Do you work?"  I had 5 kids in less than 7 years, what do you think? 
     It's not the "Mom" part of the label that bothers me, I'm definitely a Mom, heaven knows I hear the word often enough each day.  I think it's the "stay at home" part that is misleading.  For those of you who think that we literally STAY AT HOME let me convince you otherwise.

Here’s the condensed version of what our family did in one year:
·         visited by 31 people out of state
26 from Mesa, Arizona (were we had recently moved from)
3 from New Mexico
1 from Oregon
2 from Tennessee
2 from Romania
·         made 7 trips outside of our own state
·         made 14 trips to the airport (no surprise with all those visitors)
·         hosted or attended 17 parties
·         took advantage of Utah’s recreational facilities
6 times up the canyon (we were the only hikers we met with 5 small kids)
6 times swimming
5 visits to Temple Square
4 musical performances
7 dance classes
12 soccer games
4 trips to parks (how sad, we went to the airport more times than to parks)
5 trips to the zoo
2 trips to the Utah Fun Dome
1 trip to Lagoon
1 parade (I'm not a big fan of parades, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that in Utah)
1 Utah Jazz game
·         took advantage of Utah’s medical facilities
about 20 doctor appointments
2 stays at St. Mark’s hospital
1 stay at Primary Children’s Hospital
2 surgeries
1 trip to the emergency room (my son learned the hard way that you can’t nap inside of a dresser drawer)
·         entered two Halloween costume contests and won prizes worth around $700
     Considering this list, I don't think Stay-at-home Mom accurately describes what we do.  From now on Stay-at-home Mom is the politically incorrect way to refer to us.  We are to be referred to as Always-on-the-run Moms.