Quinoa Salad (Inspired by Gourmandise)

For Father's Day this year we went to Gourmandise in American Fork.  It's my second favorite French spot in Utah. (Eva's Bakery is my #1).  My bacon and brie sandwich came with a quinoa salad on the side.  It inspired me to create this recipe. 

Quinoa Salad 


3 cups cooked quinoa 

1 can chickpeas 

1/2 c. diced cucumbers 

1/2 c. shredded carrots 

1/4 c. red pickled onions 

1/2 c. crumbled feta cheese 

Quinoa Salad Dressing: 

1 Tbs. lime juice 

Juice from the drained chickpeas 

1 Tbs. tahini 

1 Tbs. red wine vinegar 

1/2 tsp. honey 

1/2 c. olive oil 



Green goddess seasoning from Trader Joe's 


Cook the quinoa according to the package.  I cook mine in

a rice cooker.  Drain the chickpeas and save the liquid.  Rinse the chickpeas and add to the quinoa.  Add the remaining ingredients to the quinoa mixture. 

For the salad dressing, I like to make mine with my Nutribullet because of the tahini and honey, but you might be able to just stir it with a whisk. Once it is all blended, pour on top of the salad and then toss to coat everything with its goodness.