22 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

This year I decided to look at my purchases this past year for my annual suggested Christmas gift list.  These are things I am glad I bought (or recieved) and think others would like too.  I do not get paid or profit from any of the links, they are just merely suggestions. You might find some of them cheaper elsewhere.   

#1 Made by Mary Birth Flower Necklace - $58 

A dear friend gave me this for my birthday (I'm a lotus) and I absolute love this necklace.  You can buy multiple discs if you want more than one flower on your chain.  I wear it almost everyday and it hasn't tarnished yet.  

#2 Turandoss Necklaces - $14.99 for 3

I admit, I was pretty skeptical something so inexpensive would not tarnish, but they don't! If Made by Mary is a little too pricey for you, I recommend finding a combination of necklaces you like using the link above.  I really like mine. 

#3 Crio Bru - $13.95 - $44.95 (cheaper at Macey's)

I'm a fake coffee drinker.  I love having something hot to sip in the morning as I start my day.  I absolutely love Crio Bru.  I add monk fruit sweetener and some almond milk and I'm in heaven.  If you live in Utah, you can also find this at Macey's for a lower price and a smaller selection.  

#4 Cuisinart Coffee Maker - $99 (try to find a place that takes coupons) 

For someone who doesn't drink coffee, I feel like I know way too much about coffee makers.  After LOTS of research, I landed on this one.  It's programmable so I can wake up to hot Crio Bru in the morning, and most importantly it has a gold mesh filter which is required for Crio Bru brewing.  I definitely don't need to brew 14 cups, but it has a button that will just brew 1 to 4 cups at a time.  I bought mine at Kohl's using a 20% off coupon.  

#5 IKEA French Press - $12.99

If a coffee maker is out of your price range but you want to try Crio Bru, try a French press.  It's also good if you want to brew loose herbal teas.  You just add your grounds or leaves and hot water and let it steep.  Pour through the strainer and all the nasty bits stay behind.  

#6 Pendleton Wool Blanket - $169-$329

When I was little, I would sit in the back of my grandparents Buick and wrap in a wool plaid blanket to keep warm.  When I went to the Pendleton outlet in Oregon, I bought a similar blanket for our car.  We have had it for years, and I love having it on hand when we get into a cold car and wait for the heater to work.  I think every car in Utah should have a wool blanket in the back seat. 

#7 Pendleton Packable Blanket - $12.97 (at Costco but sold out) $57.99 on Amazon 

If a wool blanket is a little too steep, try a Pendleton Packable Blanket.  We keep one in our trunk.  We absolutely love ours.  We use it for outdoor concerts, picnics, or even at farmers' markets when we need to sit in the grass to eat our Margherita pizza.  It washes well and resists dirt.  It folds super quick and easy to carry.  They sell out quickly at Costco so if you see one, grab it! 

#8 Drawer Organizer Set - $23.99 for 25

I bought this for my girlfriend who is an organizing nut like me.  She loves it.  She says they are perfect for organizing her junk drawer.  She said she likes it because each drawer is small so it keeps everything separate. Now I want to get one for myself.  

#9 Rearview Mirror Phone Holder - $14.99

I actually got these for me and a certain Englishman's car for under $8.  The price might go back down again after Christmas.  I really like how it keeps the dashboard clear but grips the phone tightly  The only thing I would say to watch out for, is it makes my mirror thinks it is night time and darkens my mirror.  My hubby adjusted it so that the sensor wasn't covered.  

#10 Water Bottle and Travel Mug Adjustable Storage Rack - $29.99 

After our pantry fire this year, I had a chance to start from scratch organizing my pantry.  I decided to give this rack and try and man do I love it.  I can store lots of water bottles in way less space.  I also like that I can see all my water bottles at once and grab the one I want.  

#11 Adjustable Box Organizer for Foil Wrap - $19.99

I bought this on a whim and man oh man is it a game changer.  I can now see all my boxes at once and grab what I need.  My cabinet has never been this organized before.  

#12 Kitchen Wrap Box Caddy - $19.99 

Or maybe you'd like this caddy instead. You can easily remove it from your cabinet to put on your counter to see what you have.  Or maybe you want both because you have lots of kitchen boxes you use.  Or maybe that's just me. 

#13 Target Sandwich Bag Organizer - $12.99

Is it just me, or this the best thing to come out Target?  It perfectly fits in one of my kitchen drawers and now my bags are easy to grab and stay organized.  Probably not the sexiest of Christmas gifts, but trust me, they'll love it if they love to organize. 

#14 Titanker Foaming Soap Dispenser - $9.88 for 4 

I have had these for almost a year.  They are so easy to refill.  You fill it about 1/5 of the way with your favorite liquid soap, (I use basil-scented Mrs. Meyers) and the rest with water.  It comes out foamy every time. 


#15 Bugable Wristbands - $.88 - $3.88

Are you one of those people who attracts mosquitos?  I definitely am.  I've seen a mosquito head for someone else, stop and pivot and come straight for me.  Some of us are just tastier I guess.  My neighbor told me about these inexpensive Bugables and I'm in love.  I don't have to spray myself with smelly poison, just slip this on my wrist or ankle, and the mosquitos stay away.  Be sure to store them in a ziploc baggie (I just keep it sealed in the original bag) so they can be used multiple times. 

#16 Thread Wallets and Lanyards - $11-$25

 Every year the BYU Marriott School of Business gives me $50 to spend at their store.  One year I bought a Thread wallet and lanyard for my ID.  Honestly, if it hadn't been free, I probably wouldn't have bought it.  But boy do I love it.  It's easy to see where my BYU ID is in my purse and I can attach my locker key too.  If you know someone who has to use an ID for work, they will love the durability of a thread wallet.  

#17 Mini Coin Purse $.99 - $13.99 

Do you know someone who goes to a gym or rec center to workout?  I highly recommend you buy them a small zippered coin purse.  It doesn't necessarily have to look like an avocado, but isn't this cute?  I love that it will hold my car keys and chapstick, and I can attach my rec pass to the zipper.  It fits into my pocket so that I don't have to worry about losing my keys while I walk with my friend.  

#18 Vans No Show Socks $11.67 for 3 

My girlfriend introduced me to these socks.  My son loves them too.  So there you go, three witnesses.  They really don't show and they actually stay on your feet.  If you go to a Vans or Journeys store, you'll find them in fun colors and patterns.  

#19 Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair - $16.80 for 2 

This is one of those gifts that may not seem too romantic or fun to open on Christmas day, but trust me if you know someone who struggles with dry, cracked heels, they will love you within a day or two.  Nothing else has healed my feet like this has.  I just apply at night and put on socks and go to bed.  It really does show results in just one day.  

#20 REAL salt mini shakers $14.99 for 6

I prefer the taste of REAL salt to any other kind.  I especially like it for baking, but it's nice to have a small shaker on hand if I'm at a restaurant and need to salt my food.  I'm to the point where I can't stand Morton's iodized salt.  REAL salt has spoiled me. 

#21 MagSafe Phone Grip Stand - $21.99 

Oh my goodness, I love my phone grip stand so much! If you know someone who has an iPhone with the magnetic ring thingy on the back (don't know the official name) then they'll love this.  I can hold onto my phone and still have my hand free to hold other stuff.  I can put my phone on a flat surface at any angle I want.  It's still flat enough I can keep it in my pocket if I need to.  

#22 Fake Messy Bun - $9.99

If you ever see me with a messy bun, know that I spent about 30 seconds on my hair.  I put my hair in a high ponytail and wrapped this thing around it and I went out the door.  It's a great way to extend your wash day a day or two.  

I hope you have a wonderful gift giving season and let me know if you find other gifts that are a hit.