Christmas Gifts You Don't Have to Ship - Christmas 2021

 Is the gift that you purchased for a loved one stuck in the Pacific Ocean on a cargo ship?  Never fear, I have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts that don't come in the mail but your loved ones can still enjoy. 

#1 - Patreon 

Patreon is a way for creators to be directly paid by those who enjoy their artistry.  While they aren't set up to gift a membership, you can offer to pay for a membership for someone using your credit card.  

I'm a Patreon sponsor of the wonderful artist, Annie Poon.  

She offers tiers for as little as $5 a month with lots of perks.  Here's Annie's Patreon invite video so you can see how fun and creative she is. 

#2 - Gift Cards 

I know, I know, gift cards seem impersonal and not very fun.  You can group them together in a theme to show thoughtfulness.  The links are what I personally like.



Beauty Salon - I like Humankind Hair Lounge in American Fork
Mani Pedi - Signature Nail Salon


#3 - Time 

Okay, you can't really buy someone time, but you can get them gifts that will save them time. 

Grocery Delivery Service - I like Walmart +, comment below with your favorite grocery service.
House Cleaning 
Lawn Service 
Virtual Assistant 

#4 - Museum/Zoo/Aquarium Memberships 

When my kids were little, we won a Thanksgiving Point Membership for a year.  We definitely got our use out of it.  Consider a membership to their local museum, zoo, or aquarium.

Here are some in Utah that I wish I was a member of. Comment below with your favorites. 

Thanksgiving Point

#5 Education 

A few years ago I fulfilled a dream and took a master class from one of my favorite authors, Judy Blume. Online courses are now more popular than ever.  Which ones do you like? Comment below. 


#6 Streaming 

It seems these days that in order to watch about anything you need to subscribe to a streaming service.  Consider gifting a streaming service that they might not normally watch. This article shows how you can gift common streaming services. I personally would love BritBox! 

Don't forget that there's also Audible and Spotify. 

#7 Peace On Earth

Okay, we can't really buy someone peace on earth, but we can help them find peace in their own life.  Consider a meditation app or therapy.  I personally use Ten Percent Happier and I absolutely love it, but here are some others. 

What other gifts do you like to give that you don't have to ship? 


Tom said…
Those are all thoughtful gifts.