My First Death Threat

I feel like I'm moving up as a scam baiter.  I got my first death threat.  But to be fair, I kind of earned it.

 Toolulah posed as a mail order bride.  

A couple of weeks ago I got an email that read,

do you want your wife or husband back

do you want to be famous and wealthy.
do you want spiritual bulletproof.
do you want to be cure of AlS,Lyme, HIV/AIDs
do you want advice on marriage
do you seek popularity.

I decided to choose marriage advice.  But not your typical marriage advice.  

Here's the situation. I am a mail order bride from Bora Bora. When I arrived to the United  States no one was at the airport to pick me up. I'm already paid for but I don't have a husband. I'm afraid I'll get caught and sent back to my country. Toolulah isn't my real name.

What should I do?  

marriage advice on what exactly and please I will like to know yourreal name pls.

How do I find the husband who ordered me?
I can't give you my real name. My family is famous.

Because you know there are lots of famous families living in Bora Bora.  

madam,you really want a man that will be ordering you.

I must admit, that's a fair question. 
 He already ordered me.
I couldn't help but call her out on her poor grammar. 
 If you want further tips on how to control and maintain your relationship with your husband you have to pay 40usd!

How am I supposed to maintain a relationship with someone I can't find?

Maintain?  I can't find him. Where am I supposed to get 40 USD?

I don't understand you you said you are from a well know family,so 40 usd should not be hard to find
I can help you with your husband I will cast spell on him,he will be the one looking for you.if you want me to help you out.
Just pay that money and I will help you get your husband

I never said I was from a well known family.
(Technically that's true.) I don't have 40 USD. If you send me some money I'll be able to find the man who ordered me and then I can pay you 2000 USD.

Are you stupid do you want me to cast spell on youDo you want me to kill you rogersmith

Apparently scammers don't like to get scammed.  

Is like am playing with you I you don't comply with me am going to kill you within 20 hours.

That would be great if you could kill me in 20 hours. What do you look like so I know it's you?  

Because you know, this airport food is messing up my digestive system.  

No problem but I don't want your miserable blood to be in my hand

Just how exactly is she planning on killing me?  I decide to help her out. 

If you poison me you won't get any blood on your hands. 

(4 hours later)
 It's been more than 20 hours. When are you going to kill me? 

I sais I don't want to kill you again you worth nothing to me

Kill me again?  How did I miss the first killing?

But you never killed me the first time!

It seems that should be obvious.  I don't want to kill you again you can be my friend Hmmm
Hmmm indeed! 
I'm confused.  Do you want to kill me a second time or be my friend? 

Typically my friends don't threaten to kill me. 
And they don't threaten to kill me twice! 
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