I Smile Just Thinking of You: My Last Birthday Card from Mom

A year ago today, I was renting a small apartment in France, and spent my birthday in


When I got back to my apartment, I was shocked to find this.

A birthday card from my mom!  She had mailed it all the way from America and it arrived on my very birthday.  She was gifted like that.

The card was adorable.

Made me think of my 70's childhood.

The inside 

said, "We send all of our love to France & back. We love you always, Mom & Dad.

But then I got a real special treat.  Just two words.

See Inside

I opened up the card and found this. 

This is probably the most my parents have ever written me on a birthday card.  What a treasure.  

But the last line my mother wrote melted my heart. 

I'm sure my mom is pretty busy up in heaven these days.  No doubt she's teasing those who didn't listen to the shark lady.

But I hope that she had a chance to think of me today.  And I hope she smiled.

I know I do when I think of her.

Mom mentions in the card that she had bought that card over 25 years ago.    She didn't think it was very beautiful so she never gave it to me.  It became filed but not forgotten.  She decided it was the perfect year to send it to me. 

If you have something that you are saving for the "perfect" time to send it.  Follow my mom's example and send it.