June 30 – Monday

Today was a day that I had been dreaded before I even arrived in France.  This was the day that Bradford had to leave to go back home.  We got on the Metro with him and helped him find his train.  Thankfully we got there early because we went to the wrong station.  Then Bradford thought his seat number was the platform number and he went to the wrong platform.  But eventually we got him on the train.  I was already late meeting the missionaries and didn’t really want to see his train leave.  So waved goodbye to him through the window and walked away.  Bradford said that as the train was leaving, he felt like his heart was staying behind. 
We didn’t have much time to be sad because we needed to make a mad dash for the other station to meet the missionaries.  They helped us buy a month pass for the Metro which was so expensive.  52 euro each. 
After getting the passes, I gave the kids some money and they went back to the Lille Europe where the mall was and I went home to collect myself.  Leaving the kids was hard, but they are so independent and really getting this Metro thing down.  It’s weird to think that my kids who can’t even drive yet, are able to get all over town on their own.  I think they like the independence, and I’m getting used to it.

We then went to the zoo together and walked all over.  It actually is a pretty good zoo considering it is free.  I think we’ll go quite often, especially to see the cute monkeys and lemurs.  Alice was excited to see that there were alpacas.  I never knew she liked them so much.