June 28 – Saturday

Today we tried to buy a day pass, but ended up buying a night pass so our metro cards never worked.  But that didn’t stop us from using the Metro which thankfully doesn’t have turnstiles.  We decided to do a dry run to get to the LDS Church so that we wouldn’t be late on Sunday and spend Saturday wandering around and looking for it. 
It is right next to the University of Lille campus and quite easy to find.  Once we got there I felt a strong desire to enter the building, and I’m so glad that I did.  I was able to find the gate and discover that the door was open.
To my surprise I heard noises in the building and decided to find out what was happening.  Discovered two sister missionaries, Sister Nielson and Sister Kohlert.  They were making chocolate chip cookies for a baptism.  They invited our family to stay and join the baptism.
Thankfully this ward is very supportive of converts and I got to meet quite a few members on Saturday including the Bishop Marc Duez.  He speaks English very well and is a really funny guy.  And just like that, we became a part of the ward.

The rest of the day was spent shopping for food and a fan so that I can sleep at night.  First we went to Auchan in Villeneuve D’Asq (a suburb outside of Lille and where the Church is) and then we went the other direction towards St. Philibert and to a Carrefore market.  There I got overwhelmed trying to find a cheese to buy, so many to choose from!  Then we discovered a great cheap bakery and bought 4 steaming hot baguettes.  We were so hungry, that we ate one on the metro not before putting some chocolate in the hot bread, yum!