July 5 - Saturday

At the beginning of the day I got to go to the Church to meet with a new member to help her get set up on familysearch.org.  That proved to be very difficult since they gave us the wrong member number.  But eventually we got it figured out.  She is from Rwanda but is going to school in France.  She has a long road ahead of her trying to get her family on the tree, but she seems very interested in doing it.
I loved helping someone with their genealogy.  I bore my testimony to her that our ancestors want to be found and that they want their work done for them.

Today really felt like a household chore day.  Not that we needed to do a lot of cleaning, since we had done that on Thursday.  But basically just getting stuff figured out around the house.  The fridge froze, which is why we got a new one, and I didn't want to get a third one.  So I figured out how to turn down the temperature and all the ice melted.
Then I decided to tackle the cable TV.  This was no easy feat, but I finally got it working.  Turns out we still can't watch the World Cup.  Oh, well.  France lost anyway.
Then at night I decided to go ahead and get VPN authorization so that we can watch netflix and hulu while here.  $21 and over an hour later, I got all of our devices authorized.  That was extremely difficult and confusing.  Now our phones are locked with a pin number and I can't decide whether to take the VPN off of our phones or not.  I guess time will tell.