July 1 – Tuesday

We slept in today because of how difficult the day before was.  Finally around 1:00 we were dressed and ready to venture outside. We decided that for our first adventure to go to the Wazemmes market, which isn’t at the Wazemme station but the Gambetta one.  The market is mainly African and Oriental, so many wonderful spices.  But good produce too.  I think we’ll go back on Thursday and buy our produce for the week.  So much cheaper than the grocery store.  Still trying to figure out how to get more protein in our diet. 

Then Johnny went home and Alice and I went to St. Philibert for more chocolate and baguettes.  I’ve decided that I need to learn how to make baguettes so that we can have them at home.  Maybe Andrea Scheuber can teach me. 

Speaking of my friend Andrea.  I’m finding that this experience is deepening my love and appreciation for her.  When I was sitting in church with the English words being whispered in my ear, I realized that Andrea found our church in a foreign land and had so much to learn about living in America and also about how to be a Mormon.  Now all these years later she is as American to me as anyone but in good way, not in the annoying irritating way that Americans can be (so I’ve discovered here in France.)  Boy Americans are loud and lacking in self-awareness.

After dinner Johnny and I decided to time how long it takes to get to the Flandres station.  He transferred to line 1, and I stayed on line 2.  He beat me by 30 seconds, but then I didn’t run and he did.  Man that kid can move fast. We agreed that it was easier to just stay on line 2.

I had a very hard time going to sleep because I was so worried about our first train ride in the morning.