Day 1 - Paris - Airport, Apartment, Metro, Money, Eiffel Tower

Our first day in Paris was eventful to say the least.  We surprised the kids with a private driver so that finding our apartment wouldn't be stressful.  Turns out we ended up in a not so great part of Paris, but it hasn't really been a problem.

On our first day the big problem was getting metro tickets.  Turns out our cards don't have a gold chip thing on them and so the metro stations don't like them.  This means that getting metro tickets requires talking to the cashier.  They aren't friendly or helpful, so it really takes some doing to get subway tickets.

After dragging the kids all over the dirtiest parts of Paris we decided to show them the Eiffel Tower.  They got their first ride on a subway/metro and then got to see the iconic structure.  We came home and bought some groceries, at a little bit and went to bed.