You Know, the Good Syrup

Written in September 2004

We've had a good harvest this year.  The kids worked hard in the garden growing peppers, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, zuchinni, beets, onions, peas, spinach and green beans. They also had to pick apricots from two bumper crop trees. I've made 20 quarts of apricot nectar, 34 pints of jam and 18 quarts of homemade apricot syrup.  

This morning we had french toast and apricot syrup. During breakfast the kids started to complain that we were low on syrup.  I said, "Oh that's okay, we've got tons more in the fruit room."

"No Mom, not your syrup." 

"You mean the Costco-buy-by-the-gallon maple syrup?" I asked.

"Yeah, the good syrup," they said.

"When I was kid, we didn't get homemade jams and syrup, we actually had to go to the store and buy it."

Alice asked, "When you were a kid you grew food, picked it and sold it to the store?"