We Are All Pioneers

     A good friend of mine once said, “I could never do what the pioneers of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies did.  I just don't think I would have that kind of faith." 
     To her and every other mother who has thought the same thing I want you to know you are all pioneers. You are carving a path for future generations to follow. You don't battle fatigue and hunger. The enemies you face aren't so obvious, but are just as dangerous.
     You see them pushing their handcarts in the snow; they see you driving on the roads hoping you aren't a victim of road rage.
    You see them burying their children in the frozen ground; they see you protecting your children from the violent, sexualized media and hoping that your children aren't exposed to sexual predators or mad gunmen.
    You see them with frostbitten hands and feet; they see you avoiding drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or anything else that hurts your body.
     You see them huddled together to keep warm around a fire at night singing hymns; they see you going to church and trying to avoid gossip, judging and backbiting.
     You see them circling their wagons to keep the animals away; they see you locking your doors and cars at night hoping that no one comes in to steal or rape.
     You see them starving and going hungry; they see you trying to feast on the scriptures to cleanse your minds of all the evil you see every day.
     You see those pioneers and feel so much love and admiration; they see you and feel the same way.  They look at you and say, “I could never do what these young mothers do. I just don't think I would have that kind of faith."