The Lost Tooth that Was Lost

Written on March 23, 2004

Today my son Bruce (the seven year old) lost his tooth.  My five year old daughter Alice (who has yet to loose a tooth) tried to convince him that a while ago he had promised her his next loose tooth so that she could get the money instead. 

Elise said to Alice, "That won't work, because the tooth fairy runs each tooth through a machine to make sure it's a match and came from that child's mouth."

"How do you know?" asked Alice.

"Because I tried it once,"  said Elise.

Alice was very disappointed that she couldn't trick the tooth fairy.

Later after dinner, Bruce started crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked Bruce.

"I lost my tooth!" sobbed Bruce.

"I know, just put it under your pillow and you'll get a dollar."

"No, I mean it's lost!  I had it next to my dinner plate and now it's gone!" wailed Bruce.

"Just write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened and she'll understand." I said.

So tonight as Bradford was slipping a dollar under Bruce's pillow he found this note:

Dear, toothfairy

I lost a Tooth. then
I lost it
from, Bruce